About Me

Hello, my name is Roxane. I have 15 years of nursing experience and am passionate about the importance of mental health and the process of recovery. As a nurse, I have seen the damaging impacts of not making mental health a priority - increased addictions, crime, homelessness, suicide and stress. My own healing journey has involved learning to understand and live with mental health issues including depression, anxiety, panic attacks and overcoming trauma. Throughout my own recovery, I have learned that immersing myself in the creation of art has been innately and profoundly therapeutic. 

Why is it called abstractXflow and what does it mean?

I chose the name “abstractXflow” (pronounced “abstractsflow”) because abstract refers to the type of art form I most love to do and flow indicates the fluidity in my art. The concept of fluidity holds many meanings for me, but above all, it represents free movement, which is opposite of being in  “frozen” state. Practicing flow creates innate healing. 

Art as Healing Modality


In my personal experience, creating art is an excellent way to help achieve overall relaxation, mindfulness, well-being, motivation, productivity and purpose. If you would like to try therapeutic art as a part of your mental health recovery in a safe, stigma-free atmosphere, abstractXflow offers a wide variety of in-person and online Find Your Flow sessions for individuals and groups. Be sure to check out which options work for you on the “Available Workshops” page.

In the meantime, I’ll be pondering my next art project and coming up with ways to make therapeutic art accessible for all.



**Note: Therapeutic art is not a replacement treatment for those experiencing acute mental illness symptoms. If you are experiencing acute symptoms, please seek immediate medical attention.