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Cabochons Collection


Mental Health affects all of us; PTSD hits close to home for us at Abstracts Flow. We are passionate about raising awareness this cause. Our campaign "Pendants4PTSD" will raise money for it. We are committed in giving 10% of our net proceeds to programs directly impacting  those living with this illness.

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We raise awareness, break down barriers, offer helpful tips for individuals; along with their friends and family, to help support their loved ones living with Mental Health concerns.


 Gift Bag Collection


Reusable and recyclable, our paper gift bags are uniquely hand-painted. For those interested, we offer art classes. Guests will learn  the soothing and relaxing technique known as Ebru art (aka Marbling). This experience definitely makes gift giving better than receiving.



Gift Wrap Collectiom

Choose from uniquely crafted gift wrap or tissue paper we have in stock, ; or again try in-person classes to create your own flowing masterpiece. Who knows you might like the results & quality so much, that you choose to frame it as art and keep it for yourself!


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Looking for More?

Classes, Tips, & more.

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