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The Chakra Collection

 Each pendant represents a portion of a larger piece of art, and includes a 22 inch silver-plated sparkling snake chain. All pendants have been cleansed and infused with positive energies by a Reiki Master. For example, Strength, Healing, Protection & Grounding have been infused in all of them. In addition, each Chakra is infused with additional energies mentioned below. The concept is you pick the Chakras, Colour Grouping, and Infusions that speak to you; then we select each pendant for you. Thereby entrusting it to fate, that you get more of what you are needing at this time in your life.  

Chakra Pendants AF (115 of 7)-1.jpg
Infused with Wisdom, Clarity, Confidence, & Grace.
Chakra Pendants AF (120 of 2)-2.jpg
Infused with Calmness, Creativity  & Love.
Chakra Pendants AF (124 of 2)-3.jpg
Infused with Strength, Pleasure & Comfort.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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